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The infinite game


Hey bartender! Hope you're doing well. My week is doing alright, but I could use a porter. Or maybe just a Guiness?

My week's doing alright. I heard about the "infinite game" concept. I think it comes from a book. The main idea is that regardless of how fast you're going, it's not going to slow down. If anything, things will accelerate. That's what I've been observing at the place I'm working. The idea of "this will I'll work harder so next week will be easier" is one of the biggest lie I kept of repeating myself.

Cheers everyone! Hope your week is going well!

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~rosie88 wrote:

I like your attitude, it is one I should adopt for myself. Thank you, I appreciate your insightful observation. Have an amazing weekend.

~2pie wrote:

Wow this made me feel good ! I had a tough day unsuccessfully trying to make some things work. After so many failures I stopped but I was not in a good mood. Reading your message made me think : "it is OK, today things did not work out, but there is no hurry, it will work tomorrow, or maybe after tomorrow."

Anyway thank you for brightening my mood :)

~enteka wrote (thread):

Ha! :) But if you work softer it will harder next week. That's for sure, mate

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