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Today I was musing about how just about everything at home for me goes over the internet. I have a VOIP home phone, I listen to internet radio, I even watch IPTV for live TV. This is interesting, especially how all of these used to be different types of signals and cables in our homes - internet in particular used to piggyback on the phone line - and now they're all over IP, including the phone. Twenty-five years ago, your internet came over the phone line, and now my phone comes over the internet. Huh.

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~lazyjeff wrote:

Do you ever try and see what you can still do when the internet and electricity goes out at night? For me, it's playing games on a VR headset in candlelight (it needs a bit of light to detect the boundaries).

~edisondotme wrote (thread):

I print objects at home that I download over the internet. I'm waiting on Star Trek food replicators being invented in my lifetime, then you'd truly never need to leave the house!

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