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Midnight Pub

New Experiences with Old Tools


Good evening, everyone! I had some thoughts I wanted to share.

Recently I've been checking out a site that's sort of a clone of oldschool Myspace from the early-to-mid 2000s. (I'll probably only check it out briefly as it isn't FOSS or even FOSS-adjacent.) It seems there's a huge market for a site like that and the userbase is (comparatively) huge. There seems to be a hunger for spaces like those we found on the older internet and this is great. Even the enthusiasm users have for spaces like this or for certain corners of the Fediverse demonstrates that people no longer want to use tools like Facebook and its ilk.

And yet, these monopolies maintain their stranglehold on the web of today. It's an excellent example of how capitalism doesn't encourage or incentivize doing things that people want. The only thing that matters is profit for shareholders, regardless of the potential massive userbases you'd get doing something else.

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