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Midnight Pub

Main street


Lunch time on a Saturday, what a weird time to hop in a pub! But here I am, and glad to see bartender already mixing some preparation. Saturdays are often busy at the Midnight, but not before the night.

Before heading into the Midnight, I was talking a walk in main street. I saw an interesting art gallery that exposed paintings of ascii characters. I saw a bus stop and people waiting. Most of them captivated by the book or phone in their hands. I saw a food truck that sold mozzarella sticks and it made me hungry. I saw a familly of opposum that seemed to be up to no good going around. I think I recognized someone I haven't seen for a while, but they were busy and I didn't bother to stop them.

That's when I saw the small alley, and decided to see who's in the pub.

Bartender, soup of the day please?

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~inquiry wrote:

The word 'alley' burst rabbit hole cerebration first grazing glance ally, down dive sheedy, hello strong desire for a flick called "The Pubfast Club".

~mellita wrote:

A pub at midday really ain't so bad, it's a nice place of respite from hustle and bustle. When I was walking around earlier, I saw a woman chasing an eggplant through the street — I think it fell out of her grocery bag, cuz there was a tear in the side...and I heard a crow swoop down onto a garbage bin. Its talons made a very loud *clack* against the plastic lid.

(I recommend the creamy mushroom soup, by the way.)

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