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Midnight Pub

Pushing the door


Hello there!

I just found this pub while I was crawling gemini, so I decided to come by and say hello. And I could use a drink.

I've already overheard some nice discussions, and I feel like I'm gonna sit down here for a little while and get some of your finest old rum. Neat.

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~inquiry wrote (thread):

<jumps up on the bar>




~abacushex wrote (thread):

Welcome! Gemini has been like uncovering another world hidden underneath a non-descript manhole cover, and there's a clickbait-free world having a laid back party.

~uirapuru wrote (thread):


Gemini brought me here too, lots of great stuff to find. In gopher too! I recommend a browser that can browse both gemini and gopher. I use elpher.

~edisondotme wrote (thread):


cf  /.__.\
    \ \/ /
 '__/    \
  \-      )
     " "

~stargazer wrote (thread):

Are you a physicist? Just noted the username :)

~stargazer wrote (thread):

Glad you are here, hope you enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

~tffb wrote (thread):

Hey, axionfield! Good to see another new face here :) Welcome to the M.p!

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