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Midnight Pub

Matrix Room!


Hey everyone! I've made a Matrix room for Midnight Pub. You can point your matrix clients to #midnightpub:matrix.org or click on this fancy link:


If anyone would like to help moderate, let me know.

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~uirapuru wrote (thread):

Hi, nice to see people engaged here. Matrix is a really cool protocol, I even run my own matrix server. But do you mind if I ask, what is the purpose of this room? I mean the midnight pub is a slow place, and I love it this way, also it favors longer forms of text, maybe even more carefully crafted text sometimes. A matrix room might be too fast and demanding for me, I might however pop my head around there sometime.

Cheers, and have a good time!

~m15o wrote (thread):

I'm so glad to see this! Thank you ~tskaalgard and all for creating this. I don't know about matrix yet, but will learn about it and pop over. Cheers!

~cyborg wrote:

You should all definitely go join the room - the more the merrier.

~inquiry wrote (thread):

Oh wow. I'm so behind the Matrix times! Need to find me some time to saunter down that direction.

It's just we're so danged busy these days that Midnight Pub fly-by's are about all the online I've time for, e.g. a tree needs to come down, a roof needs replacing, a riding mower (used, preferably) needs acquiring, as does a baby grand from a dear friend moving to Florida (who will thus enjoy reuniting upon future visits), stuff from the previous house requiring movers (but my oversight, of course... not to mention a bit of disassembly (e.g. the treadmill)).

Ugh... sorry for the boring overly muchness of information!

But I must add I'll be looking forward to leveraging

this Matrix client

when I finally do have the time.

~unclereaton wrote:


For those who only have XMPP, you can still join the room using the adress #midnightpub#matrix.org@matrix.org

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