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The Paradox


I think a great deal of philosophical conflict, when taken to its terminus, can be reduced to an essential difference between philosophical models in which reality is treated as objective and independent of consciousness, and models in which reality is dependent on perception ("ideas are true" vs. "ideas are useful").

The funny thing is that the "ideas are true" models, while possibly being less objectively true, are infinitely more useful than the "ideas are useful" models, despite the fact that these may in fact be more objectively true.

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~edisondotme wrote (thread):

Is this a musing on Universality? wikipedia.org/wiki/Universality_(philosophy)

It's fascinating how some of the greatest thinkers have been wrestling with these ideas since the Greek times and here we are still talking about them. I'm sure we'll still be no surer in another few hundred years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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