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Cabin Fever


I'm about to go crazy. The inability to see friends or go out is about to break me, someone who has historically been something of a homebody (to an extent — I'm really an ambivert, I guess.) Obviously we're not being plague rats: we're staying home, masking up, etc. If everyone were on board with this, we'd be post-pandemic by now. I really need this to be over soon. At least the numbers are looking pretty promising.

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~tffb wrote (thread):

Yes, I was somewhat of an introvert before the pandemic, and find myself to be the same introvert in the midst of (and soon recovery from) it. But, I guess it is the SENSE of lack of ability to do things that gets to me. If I wanted to hop on a plane to go wherever tomorrow, it would've been possible if not for COVID - so hopefully vaccinations continue to roll out, and this thing is over sooner rather than later. So I see where you are coming from, and Midnight.pub, and Write.as, and occasional e-mails sent to/from people I keep up with on RSS feeds has kept me sane/stimulated.

All the best

- TM

~gerwitz wrote (thread):

Glad to hear the numbers are promising where you are. Here in the Netherlands we’re “down” to the level that caused us to panic about the second wave in the first place, yet beginning to relax restrictions in response to business pressure.

Meanwhile, the “my freedom before all else” types are holding giant parties and the police mostly admonish them politely. It’s so demoralizing to be among the responsible majority watching them prolong our restrictions without personal consequence.

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