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An unproductive day


What a day! Today I went back to the office after what feels like an immensely long time. I caught up with colleagues I haven't seen for almost a year. The place hasn't changed. It brought back good memories to be there, and reminded me why I'm working there. It's been one of the most unproductive day -- an office space is so full of distraction! Starting with coffee. People at the machine. We get to speak about what we're working on. I got to learn a ton about what people outside my direct team are doing. Then going to the desk is a challenge as well: there are people talking and I overheard lots of conversations. That used to bother me but this time I enjoyed it. It connected me with what other people were doing. Of course, then there's lunch.

And now that I arrive at the Midnight, I'm glad about the day I had. It wasn't productive, but now that I think about it, maybe it was. I haven't produced much, but I've learned more than I do when I work a whole week from home. I got to connect in more meaningful ways and even had fun.

It just gives me hope that after the pandemic, the world will be a great place to hang out it. And with that said, next round on me, bartender!

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~abacushex wrote:

Thanks, I'll take a coffee! (Tequila, you tempting vixen... I need a break)

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