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Midnight Pub

What do you guys think of my site?



I decided to dip my toes into Geminispace using the built-in site feature of the Midnight Pub. I'm enjoying it so far. Visit and tell me what you think! I promise there's more interesting stuff to come.

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~gerwitz wrote (thread):

It’s fabulous. Love your poetry, especially.

Given your musings on consciousness, let me recommend “I am a Strange Loop”. It’s a sort of cognitive science memoir, and I found it meaningful enough that had an excerpt read at our wedding. You might also enjoy Daniel Dennett’s approach to compatibilism (reconciling “free will” with materialism).

~brewed wrote (thread):

Really enjoying reading your capsule! I also found that you wrote AWAKE in basic, and I really want to learn this language. I've downloaded it and am currently exploring the Forrest of Awakening!

~pink2ds wrote (thread):

Also if you move home.gmi to index.gmi that might be awesome♥

~pink2ds wrote (thread):

I love that Midnight Pub has this feature

~inquiry wrote (thread):

Love it!

Grant it, I had to build and install "gmni" (https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/gmni) in the Linux on my Chromebook, which of course went anything but smoothly - system seemingly couldn't/wouldn't install a version of openssl containing a few function dependencies, leading to adding source code I could find until "make" finally finished without error.

But, hey, now I've got me a fun little line mode Gemini browser (gmnlm) still smoldering in the wake of its virginal voyage to gemini://tskaalgard.midnight.pub/home.gmi ... :-)

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