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Midnight Pub

Tired of standing? Join this table.


I realize that I spend all my time at the bar when I'm at the Midnight, but there's a whole lounge with a bunch of tables. And while the barstools are comfortable, it doesn't compete with the coziness of a table by the fireplace.

So I'm heading toward a table, and you are all welcome to join me!


You're all welcome to join. Just add a link to that page on your profile page and let me know either by replying here or by sending me an email to brewed@wrf6p.anonaddy.com.

Why a table?

It's more comfortable

It's close to the fireplace

Smudge enjoys tables

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~inquiry wrote (thread):

I did so here:

Inquiry's home page

Which got me to wondering, does the '=> <URL> <title>' construct work in the middle of a sentence/paragraph? Maybe with the <title> quoted?

(I realize I could just experiment, but am a bit short on time for that at the moment...)

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