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Hey, good job Christina! You've created Gemini's first *viral* content! If you don't know what I'm talking about, that means you're not a super-cool geminaut like me. However, since Gemini is a nice place, I'll explain. Christina has put up five questions on her capsule, for other geminauts to answer.

Christina's homepage

> Five Questions is my attempt at some interactivity and awesomeness

She's acheived her goal, I'd say. It's cool to see a post spreading naturally like this, it wasn't even on CAPCOM to begin with.

I have a friend who asks questions like these, as a way to get to know people. She asked them to me when we first met, she asks them to people at parties, etc. I can't remember all of them, but I remember them being revealing and fun - favourite soup comes to mind. It was quirky, and every so often she'll text me with another one, it's a good way to stay in touch. So nice idea, Christina.

Here are my answers.


> One of my favorite things to do in the summer is drive with my window rolled down and the music turned up. What is on your summertime playlist?

I wouldn't really say that I have a summertime playlist, but I've been listening to Modern Psychedlia on Spotify a lot. It's a great playlist, and an interesting genre I didn't know about. It's hard to define, but that might just be on me. As for some actual summertime music, Vampire Weekend's latest album "Father of the Bride" has a great summertime feel, especially the song "This Life".

Modern Psychedlia on Spotify

Youtube: Vampire Weekend - This Life

Youtube: Father of the Bride album


> I recently moved back to the area where I grew up. Tell me about where you grew up - has it changed? If you left, what would induce you to return? If you've always lived there, what would induce you to leave?

This feels like a tough one. I still live in the same place, in Toronto suburbs. I like it here, and as much as I want to travel and see new things, it's hard to imagine leaving permanently, because of how much time I've spent here. But one day I might have to or want to, and I think I'll be ready when the time comes.


> What tree is your favourite and why?

I was thinking about this one earlier today! The street I live on is lined with huge trees. It's easy to just forget about them, but when I remember and look around, it really is crazy how many there are, and how tall they get... summer is a great season. Hard to pick a favourite, but there's a huge (willow?) tree in a local park that my brother and I would climb as kids, and get really high. You can sit up there, at the place where trunk splits into three.


> What were you afraid of as a child? Are you still afraid or did you "grow" out of it?

The dark of course, but also fires. I liked campfires and things, but when I was really young I was afraid about house fires, arsonists, our house burning down. I eventually just grew out of it, as it's not that likely, but the dreams I had were freaky at the time.


> Who are some poets that you enjoy? What is it about them that speaks to you?

I don't read that much poetry really, although I probably should more. It's a different way of reading that I don't do enough. Poe is great of course, I remember loving the wordplay in The Raven, and the way the words rhymed and sounded when it was read (or whispered) aloud. I also have a close friend who's a poet, and I love hearing him read his stuff.

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