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Welcome to the Amfora wiki, the official documentation for Amfora. See #124 for more info on the status of the wiki.


This wiki is available in two places:



Using the app

You can launch Amfora by just calling `amfora` or `amfora <url>` on the terminal. You might need to use `amfora.exe` on Windows.

Link Navigation

You can navigate between links in the following manners:

Start link highlighting by pressing Enter or Tab. Now you can use Tab and Shift-Tab to move to the next or previous link and then use Enter to visit the highlighted link. You can alternatively press Ctrl-T to open the highlighted link in a new tab.

Use the number keys to quickly access links 1-10 in a page.

Press Spacebar to open the bottom bar and then enter a number corresponding to a link on the page and press Enter to visit the link. Alternatively, type `new:N` where N corresponds to a link on the page to open the link in a new tab.


Check the configuration wiki page for more information on how to configure Amfora to your liking.

configuration wiki page


Note that you can view all these keybindings within Amfora in the help menu, which can be brought up using ? and exited with Esc. The keybindings in the help will update if you change your keybindings in the config.

If you'd like to support Amfora development, you can sponsor me through Ko-Fi or Github Sponsors. Feel free to submit a PR as well! Thanks.


Github Sponsors

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