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Static Page Philosophy

Author: Ben <benulo@systemli.org>

Mon Jun 14 09:57:56 PM +0430 2021

So part of the Gemini philosophy is the use of static documents. Today when I was reorganizing my gemlogs, I wanted to clean them up a little bit and move old 2020 posts to another location. In fact, I was even thinking of unpublishing them, but I didn't want to do anything hasty in that regard.

My first impulse was to move them to an archive directory, but then that got me to thinking: If I move them, then maybe somewhere in Gemspace a link will be broken. What if someone replied to one of my posts and linked to it? What if someone bookmarked it? These things might have kept me up at night.

I decided then not to move the post files, but rather to just create another index file and move the links to them there. This way I get to clean up my index at least, and hopefully nothing gets broken.

Of course, that doesn't mean I never moved anything on Gemini. I've done it a couple times since I launched my capsule, but I guess philosophically it's best to keep that to a minimum.

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