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Author: Ben <benulo@systemli.org>

Mon Jun 14 09:09:56 PM +0430 2021

Since recently a new version of Logarion has come out, I was thinking of reorganizing my gemlogs and website around its new functionality. This led to a lot of theorizing as to where I could move things, switch them around, and otherwise have it more logically and efficiently organized. However, this idea when put into practice started to break my workflow in a fairly significant way.

One of the things I had planned was move my gemlog on kwiecien.us to tilde.team and vice versa, so that kwiecien.us would use my bash script and tilde.team would use Logarion, effectively making my tilde.team pages entirely Logarion-generated. That would have required merging two different archives and otherwise refiling posts, but somewhere in this tentative process I accidentally deleted the Logarion source files to the posts I had on kwiecien.us...

At this point there was no turning back, but what I decided to do is go ahead and run the bash script on kwiecien.us like I was planning, but have it be a continution of the existing files that Logarion had generated in the past. In effect, the gemlog itself has not changed, only the driver software. Fortunately for me, how I wrote the bash script made it easy to continue any previously existing gemlog since all it does is insert new posts into a preexisting index file.

What you will see now is that the posts have slightly different headers, and the file naming convention has changed to be like those on tilde.team. I have not yet decided what to do with that gemlog, but I was thinking of pruning/archiving some of it and potentially even converting it into a Logarion archive.

I'm even thinking of merging the functionality of my script with Logarion itself, so basically just use Logarion as a back end for creating and organizing the files, but wrapping around it so that I still have my innovative features like quick-posting and auto-reply when invoked from within Diohsc.

I mean, this technically would not be necessary, but it would prepare the gemlog to utilize Logarion's planned converter, which would allow simultaneously publishing to HTML and maybe even Gopher in addition to Gemini itself. At the moment the converter does not really do anything, which means Logarion would be sort of useless to my bash script.

I guess the big idea is that some day I'll have all my gemlog posts merged into a single repository or source directory, and through the use of Logarion each and every post would find its way to where it needs to go to on the Internet, so I could be running multiple logs out of a single directory.

Is it worth the trouble? I don't know. I could author some posts that go to both my gemlogs, and some that go to one or the other, and also select which ones go to my HTML site. It would all then be handled automatically. Part of the idea with Logarion's new filing system is that you can control your audience, for example write posts that you only intend your close friends or family to read in one location, and for the public to read in another.

In theory a lot of cool things can be done with it, but for now I'm just trying to make things work! Now let's see if this post makes it or if my script fails. (Why would it fail? Ha!) This should also get tooted out to Mastodon, so this might end up being a happy accident that brings new functionality to my gemlog. I think it has an Atom feed now too?

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