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Re: watching people succeed

When the sequel makes the original worse

Why fights take a long time

Tom Scott: Why The Web Is Such A Mess


RE: Genuinely useful

Cilce Palette

Re: Why Gemini is not my favorite internet protocol

Language grab-bag, chapter 1

RE: There are reasons for operators



Farewell, West Marches?

Shuffling Large Amounts of Cards

Dagny Spill Drops Songs

Farewell, Hanlon

Fate's Golden Rules

How to mash shuffle honestly and straight-forwardly




Say the DC

Magic's Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Ghost Town (homebrew D&D spell)

Ice Cream Car Crash

Wizard's Chess

The four times I quit Magic


Fragile Items


The Fictioneers talk about Blorb again

[DM] Prep toolbox? New Tepest.

Getting used to the fanciest define of all time

Naming philosophy (for Lisp stuff)

The fanciest define of all time


fn and over


Can you slice it, Artoo?

call-vector and call-string

Code-walking with call-tables

Let's make these call-tables a little more useful

Automatically make unit tests



Swedish language trivia!




Extend the language

Jag kontrar den

Using a sand hourglass timer for board games

My Dixit houserules and practices

The Game Sent By God

Re: Am I going to listen to metal when I'm 80?

Coin denominations

The Empty Truth

Re: The Linux shell is not a good automation platform

Card games with hidden, but trackable information

Release early, or only when it it's perfect?


Shopping seldomly (without meal-planning)

Color mismatch

Separating art from artist


Being up

UBI Europa

Zero-width spaces

Deliberate Usability Obstacles

The mensch↔hardass scale

Re: SV: Re: SV: Re: SV: Your misbehaved email

When algebra is easier than subtraction

Text-TV blir dålig

Re: No More Fish

I only listen to sad, sad songs

Teleporting into Trash

Poetry and monospace

On top of Emacs' god-mode


Det vita kortdraget i Strixhaven

Wonders of the World, № 8 through 19

Re: r0ml on FLOSS

My current Atreus layout (work in progress)

China's Western Values

Tragedy vs Statistics

Ido vs Esperanto

Scheme Refactoring Catalog

Blunders and kludges

When someone complains about cancel culture…

Throne Culture

It might as well be winter all year long

The Kumbaya Doctrine

Assorted Embarrassment

bind is all right


A paredit pro tip

Fancy defines

a call-with-current-continuation is a simple thing



When an autograph destroyed the world


RE: i wish you could hard wrap gemtext


Buoys in the Harbor

unzip is applied zip


Keyboard Saga, pt 3

Digital Rain

Autonomous Dorks

from dead+space

Runaway JavaScript Spec

Deep Work, No Work, and GTD

Side effects may include

There are only… wait

The Old Verbal Components

Freedom Zero

CSS — Back to Basics

Atreus keyboard review

Degrade Gracefully

Biography of Ennius c. 239 – c. 169 BC

How to put an end to Magit and its wonderful popups

My XML sunk cost

I Want a New Folksonomy

If by a true Scotsman's whiskey, you mean

A fold is a map

Economics of Mittens & Socks

Re: The Thoughts The Civilized Keep

mg — Muine-style Grep

The Page vs The Capsule

Semmel Rules

The Flawed "Text Filter" Approach to Kindness

git clone yadda.yadda/yadda; cd yadda

mdna — a branch of Molly Brown

Gemini vs the Pile of Specs

twtxt vs IRC + mailing list hype

It's OK if people are wrong and bad

fantastic-ret for org-mode

Semantics of links in Gemini, HTML, and Markdown

Caffeine basics

Skill systems and blorb

Skillnaden mellan Matrix och XMPP

New Mutants Journal Prompts

GURPS, hate it or love it?

Named Let → Fold

A blorb thought

Matrix's unfinished ambitions

Re: Veganism

Trodde du dissade BitD?

ed config.h && make install


Re: FOSS is not a neutral term

5e Fast Forage

Earth is really old, you guys

Means vs Ends

The Dumbphone Experience

Swedish Text TV News



Calm Notifications

Strat Diary

"Good" is the enemy of "perfect"

Index Cards for OSR

Four Different Kinds of Rules Light

Guilt by Association

Good or Bad

Understandable, Comprehensible

Elpher keys

Employee Funds

Role of Gemini Text

Gemini for Pandoc

Bits & Pieces

Gemini Typography


Bad Language Contempt

The Beeblebroxians Are Coming From Inside The House

DX7 Patches — old edition


Poison Soda

Ending Spoilers: The Brothers Lionheart and The Good Place


Wrapping up "Conspiracy"

The Secular Afterlife Myth

Free Will

Social Democracy's Elusive Transparent Dangling Carrot

3-3 invasion


Fate Outcomes

Cake Division

A proposal to end white's advantage in chess

All I have to do

Lazy Evaluation in Blorb Prep

Pretty Much Searchers of the Unknown, Straight Up

Sandra's heart

Slow Combat

Bush v. Gore

Guitar fretting patterns with DADF♯AD tuning


Central Planning vs Living Systems


One Thousand Numerals

RE: Working the Work Week

RE: Is This Aggregator Idea Good?

Albatross Hexbook

Expert / Warrior / Spellcaster XP

Realism and blorb

The Waning Moon

When to move forwards and when to give space

The Searcher class for 5e

Flanking in D&D

Getting started with D&D

RE: How to represent disabilities in games

Postfix rules, when describing action

OSE, O5R, and OSR monster stats

RE: Why Markdown sucks

Half games

Ancom 2020?

Offset Indexing

War Pigs & The Mob Rules

Blorb in Principia Apocrypha?

Stray Thoughts on Fight Pacing

A li'l FKR caveat

Glossary of key phrases while DM:ing

Radio 77 Operating for 50 years with audience of one

I kinda hate enums

Extended Task Resolution

Atomic Encounters

RPG safety tools

Less intricate method of purchases and acquisitions

Converting to D&D

Dice: Curve vs Linear

Blorb Principles

Darker Dungeons X review

Climbing abilites compared

My DM screen insert

Voting in the West Marshes

Edition Peace

Musings on stats, post Tasha update

snake_case and hyphen-case

Revising Turns

RE: Favorite software

RE: Social media and organising events


Clues in TRPG mysteries

My note system for #boatmode

RE: Programming language evangelism

A mnemonic for caddar, cadadr and similar

My myopic view of where Gemini needs to be simple

RE: fediverse time down, leisure time up.

emv — emacs aware CLI mv

RE: A proposed scheme for parsing preformatted alt text

Line Moving Semantics

Oh, Injury!

al-Qadim encounter tables go org-mode

Adding gemini urls to Pleroma

RE: Why I'm starting to prefer console programs

RE: September 2020 Five Questions

RE: hm.

RE: Curling up inside my private bash pipes

Curling up inside my private bash pipes

Why there are holes in risen bread

xj — HTML to JSON


Rescuing railroads

README file → blog post

Comic Snarfer

In praise of SXML's @-marker

Hardlinks from a Git repo

Converting TLDR to man pages

New DM advice

Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services

Reading books via PDF on desktop

“Star Wars 012” SWd6 mod

No, you hang up!

Running the Sleeping Beauty Experiment

Diacritics Stencil

Sluta greenwasha, Krav!

Get Busy Being Born

What do the little dots and rings over letters mean?

A “Junk” tag in DWM

Emacs windows

Principer för skräckregler

Ulvaeus om Gud & Dukkha

Super Mario Bros 2 myths

Andersson och Pettersson och Engström och jag

Guitar fretting patterns with DADFAD tuning

Vad några inte har fattat med corona

5e initiative cards

Rock är dött

Instant stats for D&D characters

[5e DM] Strong poison for the weak!

[5e] My take on one-digit monster stats

Timekeeping for DMs


Lower ability scores in Five Torches Deep

[D&D] Looking for Stuff Outdoors

Injury Threshold

5e NPC stats

[D&D] Know each other

[5e] School of the Hard Knocks

XP for gold

Finer than 5% granularity on a 20-sided die

Combining multiple encounter rolls

Guardian Acorn



From "Hipster" to "Boomer"

fram tills idag störde det mig

Four Go Variants

Deferring Email with Notmuch and Emacs

Existentialism and Veganism

Söt kalender

Bouncing ball brush

Nybörjarkurs i att bråka till sent på natten

Landet fortsätter brinna (om diegetiska mekaniker)

Sagan om lammet

Tro, hopp, och/eller kärlek

A Band Apart (for Magic)


Hur jag bygger en sealed deck i Magic

Drafta relationer för kampanjstart

D&D Schools of Magic: the Gathering

smitten with coffee pourer

dt full of flowers

D&D Inspiration House Rules

amount of times today

World Building Workshop in Skövde, June 2019

HD to XP (guest starring the 5e SRD)

Item sizes for (almost) everything

Ammo Recovery

D&D Inventory System discussed in Excessive Detail

Best named books of all time

5e Wound Threshold

Almost catching up in mixed level 5e parties

The average HP to XP ratio of all pretties in the 5e SRD

(D&D) Introducing late night fighting

Against Metroidvania

When was the Internet invented?

Du vet att media är brunt när…

God of the Gaps

Tau Enough

How I teach the "Mottainai" card game

Back in my day we had twenty-three planets

Gateless Vania

Inventory tracking without sheet

Three Pillars XP, revisited

Two Player XP

Om att advantage inte stackar

5e Inventory sheet

Seeds & Petals theory

A way to salvage linear modules

Cold Nail

Quick script for stacking images into an .ora

Writing Inkscape word balloons in Emacs

Fast probability calculation for three tiers of die result

Star Wars movie watching order

Welcome to Earth


October Snow

Tenchester med set cube

The Quest Queue

Hur ska vi nå klimatförnekarna som utnyttjar LCHF-kulturen?

Computing Power


Det är inte magi om man tror på det

Det är inte magi om man tror på det

5e house rule: Arrow threat

The Resistance + Dramasystem mashup

Fluff älskar crunch

Hur spelledaren kan tänka


5e Slot Grid

More playing around with the turn order

Asynchronous Magic: the Gathering

Sugars, meat, dairy

Against "Legacy"-style board games

Al-Qadim Golden Voyages weather tables as state machines

5e Inspiration with a dash of Hillfolk

Seriealbum vs filmer

One Page Dungeon 2016 -- the good parts

My reactions to One Page Dungeon compendium 2016

Recension av första halvan av Deep Carbon Observatory

The big reveal in Eldritch Moon

A new operator and data structure for adding dice

1d4 hours, chance of waking up turn by turn

My current stance on copyright

Näringsvärde per hundra gram

The Big Four of Household Cleaning

Gruber's CUPS of Chowder

BankID stänger dörrar

How I do Insp in D&D 5e

The Narrow Gate to the Long Tail

In Defense of Mise en Place

Sandra skriver om skivor, januari 2015

Three Different Kinds of Commands

The Terminal and the Shell

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