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>DATE: Sun 30 May 2021 18:29 By: HexDSL@Posteo.net

A Hunters Garden. Progress report.

As you may recall when I started posting "A Hunters Garden" I said that it was something I had written a long time ago and was editing it section by section for posting.

This has been an enjoyable process for me tidying up old writing. But as I noted at the start, the ending that I had originally written was total and utter steaming wank-trash. So I dumped it. I highlighted what I had marked as the final chapter and deleted it remorselessly. It was terrible and I regretted having to actually read it, so I could never publish it.

What was wrong with it? It was *way* sorter than it should have been, far too final and just generally bad from a story telling point of view. Also it was sort of dense. I know I my writing can be a little dense at times but the text was sort of a lot to take in.

*Not to say that the rest of the word isn't trash but its trash I enjoy a great deal.*

Between the latest post and the intended "next post" there were some pages that foreshadowed my trash bucket ending. So I have had to delete a bunch more more of it. It was easier to remove it and re-write it than to edit it.

What does this mean?

Well it means that I the last quarter of the next post (half edited at the moment) will contain the first bits of "new stuff" I will have actually written recently. I'm a little excited at the idea of working through story portions now. I know what ending I had planned when I started and I know where I now intend it to go now. How I get us there is going to be an adventure of its own.

Given where we are and where we are going I think there will be 2 (maybe 3) more posts in the series with the final one being quite a large one.

And then?

I'm not sure what the criteria is to say "I wrote a book" or if its long enough to be considered such. But! The plan is that once its all done and posted I'm going to put it all in a single document and pass it to a friend to have it "edited" a little better than I can do myself. Sorting out grammar and a few structure issues (and correct that plot hole that nobody emailed me about!)

Once that's done there will be an extra event or two added to it. There are some things I want in the earlier portion to foreshadow the new ending as well as make Mikes training seem a little more natural (as natural as being trained via magic memory crystals can be.) I'll be asking an artist friend to make some artwork for the cover as well, unless I decide do it something myself.

Once it all done it will be compiled into an EPUB (and PDF) and posted on the main page of the website for download, forever. It will also be posed in a few online book stores (and Itch) for a modest amount for those who want to 'own' a copy (and buy me teabags)

Post Garden?

I have enjoyed chipping away at a work like this, the episodic and longer form post is enjoyable to write/edit.

I have three potential projects in mind for after this one is finished.

The first is to do a follow up. There's at least one more story I want to tell in this universe and I'll be honest its a time travel story that ties up the "First Hunters" and the "current" events ('current' referring to the post series.)

The second. The MMO player murder mystery thing I half outlined a few years ago has been making waves in my head for ages now. Mystery is hard to write and even harder to 'nail' but I have a reasonably good outline and hit that hits the key points well (I think.) That said, its like stupid. But stupid by design which maybe a contrast to the borderline grimness of Hunters Garden.

The third. Lets face it I know science fiction. I know science fiction well. I have read **A LOT** of science fiction and I should probably have started with science fiction. The story I have planned out is a long one and it is more fiction than science but (I hope) in the most classically inspired ways.

There are down side to each:

1. Do I really want to go from one urban fantasy to another?

2. Mystery is hard to nail and I would be pissed off it everyone saw the ending coming.

3. As a sci-fi fan can I trust myself to not over indulge myself when writing science fiction.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets get this first one done before we worry too much about the next (I have already made a start on all three.... ugh!)

Going to write now...

I hope there is enough interest in this project for people to actually read this post.

As always, comments welcome (via email)


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