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2021-06-11: Friday

Hello again friends. It's been a while.

I've been enjoying myself outdoors and as such haven't really had much interaction with my computer outside of work and editing together the trailcam videos.

Weather: Overcast.

Mood: Happy.

💾 Computers

I've been feeling discontent again about the current state of computing and the web. Everyone seems to be out to make it almost impossible to use the web without either signing over your soul or putting up with the worst UX imaginable.

🏍️ Travel

I've been getting a bit more confident on my new bike and I'm now going to try a few slightly longer trips.

My first planned trip will be to the Quantocks, an apparently lovely part of the Westcountry that I've not visited yet.

Then maybe down to Lands-end or Penzance.

🌱 Garden and environment

My little lemon tree is not so little now, and growing taller by the week.

My strawberries have fruited, and look lovely. I've also got some wild strawberries growing out of the grass in the front garden.

🐝 Bees

While I still don't actually have any bees in those hives I put in the woods a little while ago, we still check them every now and then for pests and other things that might like to use them as a home.

This Wednesday however we found something a little unexpected. A European hornet queen had started to make a nest attached to the crown board (a board that separates the lower hive from the top bit)

Having never had to deal with a hornet before we ran back to grab our bee-suits and did the only thing we could really think of... put her in a box.

🎥 Trailcams

I've made all my trailcam videos available over gemini here:

🌳 A view from the woods


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