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[08/09/2020 @14:53]: A little bit of digital archeology

I was cleaning up one of my home directories today and ran across something that reminded me look into archiving some of my old software. I have a bunch of stuff dating back as far as the late 1990s that never made it into any kind of version control and some that made it into CVS or Bazaar but never got pulled forward to my current git platform. In digging around trying to find some of the original artifacts I came across the original source code for the LED gadget CGI that I talked about in the [VFD post].

VFD post

I want to get all of this stuff eventually put somewhere for posterity, there is a few things that were distributed publicly on BBSes back in the day in here, and putting the source code out there seems like a good thing to do. Until I figure out how do that though, here is a copy of LED.PAS.

archive01@14:32:36 PASTMP >ls -la LED.PAS
-rwxr----- 1 mernisse app_archivist 6389 May 31  1998 LED.PAS


OmniHTTPd (wayback)

It's funny, there is a couple thousand lines of Turbo Pascal in here but I honestly can't remember a whole lot about the language. Enjoy the blast from the past, it certainly dug up a little bit of nostalga for me.

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