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[07/29/2020 @15:27]: Re: Naming Computers

Now that I've gotten to a point where the TODO list for Gemini stuff is pretty short I've started strolling through the GUS known_hosts list and CAPCOM. I came across dctrud's[1] question on naming computers so I figured I'd weigh in.


Over the 25 or so years I have had to name computers I have developed a general pattern that works for me. Generic stuff boils down to a pretty standard format of [thing]##.[site-name].example.com. The ## always starts at 01 and resets per-site. I have a handful of 'things' with specific purposes.

bdr - Network Router

cntr - Container Server

ns - Name Services Server

printer - Printer / Print Server

sw - Network Switch

wap - Wireless Access Point

virt - VM Server

Once we get out of the 'thing' categories I get a little more whimsical. I started with Roman / Greek mythology:

Andromeda (a Laptop - gone)

Hermes (a Laptop - gone)

Apollo (a Server, now a VM)

I then moved into Tolkien.

Imladris (a Server, now a VM)

Bree (a VM)

Hobbiton (a Server - gone)

I took a detour briefly through video game characters, settling for a long time on Ghost in the Shell anime characters.

Aramaki (a Laptop - gone)

Ishikawa (a Laptop - gone)

Motoko (current Windows 10 Gaming PC)

And now most recently I've settled on random Japanese animal words.

Kitsune (current Laptop)

Tanuki (current non-gaming desktop)

There is a pretty complete list of systems, what they run and what they do over on my web site.


And now that I've typed all of this, I'm a teensy bit embarrassed. 😳

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