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[07/29/2020 @11:11]: I'm marking it down here, great success!

First of all I just wanted to thank the community here for such a resounding welcome. I think I announced the existence of this little capsule only a touch over an hour ago to the mailing list and I've already had some great feedback and a few of you have found the little toy.



Secondly, some errata. I made some changes on the gemlog renderer, it should now properly unroll paragraphs to comply with the line-oriented nature of the Gemini markup language (is there a proper title for the text/gemini stuff?). If your client renders any of the gemlog posts funny please drop me a line.


I also made some changes to the microblog parser. The way it was converting HTML to the Gemini markup was missing a bunch of nested tags. I was hoping BeautifulSoup would handle that a little more gracefully but it didn't. As a result that whole thing should look a lot better and actually be complete when compared to the HTTPS version of it.

Thoughts on Gemini

Thoughts on HTTPS

Finally, back to my little VFD toy. acdw was nice enough to point out that it was throwing an error on way less than 24 characters. (The VFD is a 2 line, 24 character display, I use the first line to show the date and time of the message and the second line is for you, dear reader). It turns out I was checking the message length *before* I was unquoting it so 'Hello World' would be 'Hello%20World' and therefore being longer than it would be when transmitted to the display. That bug should be fixed now too.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

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