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[07/27/2020 @20:14]: A new start

It was July 24th when I first read about the Gemini protocol. Someone posted an article titled "Implement a Gemini Protocol Client Using Network.framework" and my RSS feed reader dutifuly picked up on it. I'm not entirely sure why I felt drawn to build things immediatly but for whatever reason I did. I think I've written about 600 lines of Python just building silly things to stick on my Gemini capsule here, created two bespoke Docker containers and am most of the way done building some bespoke hardware to put online.


So what are my intentions?

Well I'm still building things here before I think I can settle into just posting things, but this already feels like a place where I can be a lot more blunt than on my web site. The web site is pretty filtered, mostly opinion-free technical content because when I left social media in the late 2000s I made the effort to keep the signal to 'noise' ratio of my personal web site as low as possible. It turns out though that I have opinions, and I sometimes feel like sharing them. I feel like I may be able to do that here.

I have a few more things I want to do with the site generator. Right now I write these posts using nvi and then a git post-receive hook runs a Python script that renders them into the .gmi files, the index and the atom feed. The original files have some YAML metadata at the top and thanks to my editor settings and muscle memory are generally wrapped manually around column 79. Obviously the hand wrapping isn't compatible with the gemini markup so one of the TODO items is to fix that.


There are also a few bugs with the HTML stripping in my Thoughts renderer so I need to screw around with that some more too.



So with the short ramble out of the way I'm going to commit this to my git repository and then probably fix the several bugs in the rendering scripts before it makes its way out into the world but I have to say I am honestly looking forward to making more things for this little space.

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