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Why mirror or proxy web content to gemini?

increased speed

Your client doesn't have to with complex rendering of HTTP+CSS+JS, so the loading time doesn't take seconds like the web does. This makes it possible to have single purpose apps which are only icons/aliases to a gemini client with a specified URL.


Everyone can run it on almost any device. Regular websites are too slow to be usable on older mobile devices.

saves bandwidth

For example the lobste.rs webpage (one of the more lightweight on the web) is 115 KB big, but only 47 KB are transfered according to Firefox (cache, compression etc.) The gemini equivalent weighs 6 KB. This is a huge difference on a slow network or on a really limited data plan.

An extreme example could be cnn.com which weighs 7.97 MB (2.6 MB transfered) most of which is used by JS.

HTML - 1.14 MB

JS - 5.84 MB

fonts - 272 KB

images - 265 KB

The gemini proxy of cnn.com weighs 10 KB. To be fair, CNN also has a lite version which weighs "only" 500 KB.

better readability

No annoying cookie warning popups, no ads, no newsletter signup forms, no distractions.

better accessibility

Gemtext is a really simple markup, so it will improve screenreader's accuracy.

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