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For client authors

GUS is great, but...

URLs of web mirrors proxies on gemini are not usually easy to remember - for example: lobste.rs vs typed-hole.org/lobsters/lobsters.gemini. We could solve it by building our own DNS alternative, but that's not a good idea. Or we could always search GUS for the site we want - too slow and not practical. The solution I propose is that clients could implement a system of online bookmarks. These bookmarks should be synchronized once in a while with the bookmark provider. When something is written in a URL bar, clients should look at their bookmarks and look if there is a match, if there is one, they should redirect to the URL of the bookmark. For example if the user writes lobsters to the URL bar, the smart clients will show an entry from bookmarks. For that, we will need a standard format for bookmark exchange:

each line should have this format:


for example:

gemini://typed-hole.org/lobsters/lobsters.gemini	lobsters


gemini://typed-hole.org/lobsters/lobsters.gemini	lobsters	lobste.rs

The URL contains the protocol, there could also be a gopher mirror!!!, so your client must check the protocol and skip it if they do not support that one.

current mirrors.tsv:


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