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I'm less a Christmas kinda person and more of a Solstice & New Year one.

But the solstice, with its feelings of darkness leading into light and renewal, has taken on a different hue than it normally does.

It's hard to describe the feelings I've been having. I guess at this point I'm just hoping the next year is going to be a better one for everyone. The vaccine is rolling out. Here in America our far-right is collapsing in on itself because they sincerely thought they could never lose an election again.

I think this year has radicalized a lot of people, for better and worse. I want to focus on the better, though. I feel like more people are realizing that avarice is eating the world alive. I feel like more people are realizing we can, and must, imagine a different world.

Maybe the rest of the decade we can do something about it.

Take care everyone

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