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I've been thinking more about the fact that so many people accuse Husserl of being a Berkeley style idealist, someone who denies the existence of a world apart from the mind, and it's one of those things that I find just a pernicious lie if you've actually read something other than other people's summaries.

The phenomenologic view is actually very pragmatic. The two things involved in the experience of any object are you, the experiencer, and the object. Every single experience and observation you have is subjective. That doesn't involve denying that the outside world exists! If we could do that then the entire project of understanding how we get the ability to communicate objective information via intersubjectivity would not be "a set of infinite tasks".

Basically, there's no deep metaphysical claims about objects having a hidden nature in-and-of-themselves like Kant might have claimed. You're experiencing the real world. You're just only one person experiencing things in a limited way. That doesn't make the world imaginary.

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