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My days keep ending up feeling incredibly long, like I'm having trouble of even holding onto them because they recede backwards in my memory. I'm learning and doing a lot but I feel like it's getting swallowed by the extreme time dilation of 2020.

I've been trying to practice something lately, to help me hold onto the days: every day I try to write down everything new I learned in the day. If I really let myself sit down and think about it it's actually way more than I expect. If you try it yourself you'll probably discover the same: even on days where you don't feel like you've done much you'll sit down and realize that there's a lot of things you learned, even if they're small, that count as progress.

Oh, and yesterday I wrote the single longest blog post/essay I've ever done: nearly 4100 words of ranting about the coercive nature of the tech sector and smart phones

Reclaiming Autonomy

Anyway, just a short update today. I want to get back in the habit of posting here more than once a week.

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