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Hey, since it's been a week since I've posted anything here I thought I'd jump back with something simple and answer Bronzie's question prompts

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1. What is the last item of physical a/v media you bought?

This one is easy! I bought a record recently, one of the last copies available of the Metroid Resynthesized album, which is the original Metroid soundtrack redone on analog synths. This kind of dorkiness is my absolute weakness.

Metroid: Resynthesized album

I've actually been trying to collect physical copies of media where I can for the past year. I don't know if it's silly but I've gotten very fixated on the idea that I want to be able to say "no" to streaming services without cutting myself off from, well, everything entertainment. So far that's meant records, CDs, and tapes for music. I've been meaning to pick up a VCR and maybe a dedicated DVD player and, once everything is open again, maybe hitting the Goodwills and thrift stores for copies of media I like that I can archive for myself.

2. Does your first IRL crush know how you felt about them?

I don't remember who my first crush was. I was so messed up as a kid that I couldn't even conceive of these things in healthy ways. I didn't really have crushes until high school and ugh that was just a whole mess. The tl;dr is that I was very bi and very, very awkward.

Thinking about this further, I wonder if honestly my first crush was this older boy who did yard work in our neighborhood the very brief period where we had a house before we were poor for most of my life. I was like 3 y/o so the memories are very hazy.

3. 1994 or 2014? Why?

I want the aesthetic of 1994 but with the rights I have in 2014. Also the "not living with my evil nutjob family" of 2014. But the early windows aesthetic of 1994? Also, the music? New Jack Swing? Industrial dance? The tail end of grunge? Oh hells yes.

4. City or countryside?

Oh, I may be southern but I'm a city-goer through and through. I like people. I like density. I'm really brainweird and overwhelmed by crowds but I like the experience of being at the edges of large numbers of people, like people-watching at the waterfront or walking through big street fairs.

I also like the infrastructure that comes from cities: the libraries, the events, the mass transit, &c. I like when there's lots of things to do, even if they're things that I just want to be on the periphery of. I like architecture. I like interesting shapes and buildings.

I like crows. Crows are a big part of cities, at least here in the US. Hell, there's even reason to believe that crows in cities are more quickly forming some kind of civilization because they're building denser and richer social structures on the scaffolding of our dense cities and the opportunities for food and shelter they provide.

5. If offered either of the following for free, which would you choose - 2020 Apple Silicon Macbook or 1982 Grid Compass?

The grid compass!!! Absolutely. I mean if you're like me and you didn't recognize the name let me save you a search and say that it's the most aesthetically pleasing 80s laptop.

Look at this chunky baby

I would absolutely use it too, probably as a distraction free writing machine. I love the look and feel of old computer tech like this. I'd love to have something like it.

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