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So my non-profit might actually be okay. I say "my" because I'm one of the two people who runs it but the owner, who is neither of us "directors", still controls the bank account and ultimately is in control. So it's an odd situation.

But yes "my" non-profit, which does educational work here in PDX, might survive. I've partly not been posting much in geminispace the past couple of weeks because I've been so tired of how much writing, meetings, and emails I'm doing every day that words have been really hard. But we---who do not have money but have all my content and curriculum---are starting to get into the good graces of several large orgs and school districts who have have all the money but no idea what to do now that covid has cancelled school.

Like we're probably asking for like 10k for the set of six classes worth of material I'm writing. That might sound like a lot but it's several months of full time writing & programming work, so it's an actually not crazy. Also 10k is as much as I've made in an entire *year* for the past three years I've been doing this work. So, hey, maybe just maybe I'll be kinda okay this year? I wouldn't normally say this on the big public web but I'm so goddamn tired of feeling poor, of feeling like I'll never not be renting a run down apartment, of feeling precarious. The only reason why I'm stable at all is my wife has a union job, but if anything happened to her...?

So, yes, I'm doing a lot of writing all day lately. It's good but I need to actually take a day off here or there or I'm going to flame out hard.

Today has been a little bit of a sick day, since I got <4 hours sleep for two nights in a row and I'm a bit hecked. That's why I'm posting here today. I figure if I'm too tired to do programming I can at least be social here on the small internet.

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