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It's rather unfortunate timing that over the past week I've been having a particularly bad depressive episode & we've been getting hit by a heatwave. We live in an old apartment that doesn't have any air conditioning & that's normally fine in the mild-weathered Portland but a few times a year it's just completely unbearable in here.

Now, normally, we'd *go somewhere*, like a library or a bar, and suck in chest-fulls of artificially cold air while getting our respective work-from-home jobs done. The Pandemic Times, however, have had other ideas and we're basically trapped in this little heat-trap.

It is, dear reader, miserable as h*ck.

I have so much writing & coding I want to do, but I'm feeling both like my brain is fried from the heat and like everything I touch is pointless. It's not a great combination. At some point I want to excitedly respond in actual long-form to Solderpunk's piece here

Discussions toward radically sustainable computing

Because I have a lot of similar thoughts but from a different perspective. I think I'm more optimistic (maybe only slightly so) about finding sustainable practices environmentally speaking but am far more worried about the future growing ever more "unevenly distributed" as the possibly-not-actually william gibson quote goes, about us losing even more control in a world where a handful of extra-governmental entities have massively accumulated computational capital. We all have our own versions of the future that we're most afraid of, I think.

I also got accepted to give a talk at roguelike celebration---the conference on procedural generation in games & beyond---on procgen and poetry, based on an on-going project of mine. I just hope that what I produce is actually going to be interesting enough they don't regret their acceptance.


I also have more articles to write, fliers to create for possible asynchronous classes I might do in the fall, &c. But tonight I'm just trying to not be miserable & depressed in this damnable heat & this damnable pandemic.

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