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Can hope be practiced?

It's mostly a rhetorical question that I'm asking. I think the answer is yes, that of all the possible futures you can foresee that you are allowed to choose the ones that help you decide to keep going day after day.

That's the thing that I think is important, that it's not about self-delusion or naive optimism but merely about choosing which possible future you want to focus on. By choosing it becomes easier to put your strength towards what it would take to make it real.

The Smol Internet & Pubnixes

In the past week I feel like I've learned so much about what actually exists in online spaces beyond the commercial web. As someone who constantly cites Illich's Tools for Conviviality

PDF of Tools for Conviviality

as one of the most important books I've ever read I've been wanting a "internet for people, not companies" and, well, it turns out so do a lot of other people. These communities are small but I'm already reading other people's rants and gemlogs/shlogs/phlogs and thinking "oh thank God that I'm not the only one".

Now what I need is to find ways to integrate this with the work I'm already doing on getting rpi0s into the hands of kids who don't have any access to a real computational device. And, no, Chromebooks don't count

An old polemic against Chromebooks, migrated from my wordpress blog

My old wordpress blog

Procgen and poetry

I'm still waiting to find out if my lightning talk on writing poetry in partnership with a generator I wrote got accepted. It's actually pretty different than a lot of procgen work on poetry because it's neither generation of poetry from a grammar nor a neural net but that I generate the shape of poems and then I have to write them!

I think it's a neat project and I'd love to do more with it.

Game Jam Time

It's time for another summer slow jam and I really, really want to make the time to do this one. Will I? Or will I just quietly never make the time for it by focusing on literally everything else I think I need to do instead?

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