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Gemini for what it means

I'm not writing this to introduce gemini or the smol web. There's lot of well written content for that around.

You can start your journey here

What I want to share/discuss is what gemini means. Which I feel is bigger than what it is.

I see gemini as the most significant step towards freedom since open source and free software movements born.

For me, gemini brings a new dimension, a deeper meaning to freedom in tech.

Please, stay there so I can try to defend that bold sentences.

With open source and free software we got some legal tools that allowed us to learn, code and share a lot. We felt free and powerful. But, for some reason, only our code got free not our minds. We mostly used that freedom to mimic industry, gift work to big corpos and even try to fight them for market share. We'v spent lot of years being functional to market as if there where some obscure magic spell that kept us blind to human needs beyond money.

We where coding and sharing free products. We did it convinced and called it rebellion. I'v been there, fighting lobbyists, working really hard to pair our small team efforts with their millionaire offers.

Today it even sounds like an oxymoron "free products", as in "free jails". No one to blame about it. Someone said that everything sounds obvious once it gets discovered.

It took us many years to even notice/assume that something was missing. For me it felt like the sound of the fridge. There was some ugly, almost unnoticed noise that I wanted to ignore to keep going, to stay productive, to sustain focus.

But now, here we are. Sharing thoughts on gemini, a technology built from the wishes of a few phlogers that got tired of the must of tech industry and decided to code and share outside of the box.

They noticed the weakness of the available tools they were using. They felt that bloat wars where out of scope. They wrote a spec without a consortium. They coded some examples without venture capital. And a garden full of implementations blossomed.

Unique, genuine, deeply free tech. There is no way back to not noticing the fridge noise, at least not for me. And I'm deeply happy about it.


Hell I would love a better written version of this feeling! That's as far as my English can get. Sorry. I hope that it get through anyway.


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