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Yesterday, I received some Platinum Preppys in the mail. I'd made the mistake of signing up for text alerts from USPS -- a mistake for twin reasons:

I got *way* too many texts. Like, 2x a day, every day. Letting me know they were in a truck. That they'd arrived in a sorting facility. I really just wanted to know when they were at my house.

The "This item has arrived" text was a LIE. I went outside to look on the porch and they weren't there. They finally *did* arrive an hour and a half later. At like, 8:30 pm. Uff.

Anyway, I got them finally. They are little cheapies, only $5 each and with big bodies to eyedropper fill. So that's what I did -- I also ordered some O-rings and silicon grease and dropped red and blue inks in them and now I have one in my pocket! I like it because I'm not worried about breaking it and it holds a LOT of ink.

Anyway, that's my newest fountain pen purchase! I don't know if you, dear reader, are into fountain pens, but they're pretty cool, if expensive -- I struggle with the "ooh! shiny!" -ness and trying to be anti-consumerist with it. But if you *are* into them, I'd love to hear about it -- leave me a

backlink or

email me.

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