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ucant.org Gemini space

Welcome to my Gemini space. There are two main topics:

Assumed Orthodoxies: what we think people believe

Meta: about Gemini and the Web

The second category exists because Gemini is in the state that blogging was in around 2002 - a huge amount of the content is about the medium itself. I've put that to one side.


Assumed Orthodoxies

Main Assumed Orthodoxies landing page

Heterodox Technology subreddit

Meta / Relevant links

Recommended Gemini clients

What Gemini still needs

Blizanci Gemini server

Lean Web Desiderata



Gemini known hosts

Cambridge Criteria (how computing should be)

ELI5 Gemini

Why Gemini


Main Gemini site

Irrelevant links

Colour-country in Gemini space

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