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TechRights /2021/06/14/


The Whole Month 2021/06

06/14 [Meme] Illegal Location, Illegal Methods (Haar ViCo)

06/14 A Parade of ‘Yes Men’: EPO’s Budget and Finance Committee as Rubber-stamper of the Dictatorship That Pays the Salary

06/14 Hardly Shocking and Not At All Surprising That Thugs Who Run the EPO Hired External Thugs to Help Them Oppress Aggrieved Staff

06/14 [Meme] EPO ‘Lawfulness’ as Crude Budget Wars

06/14 Virtual Injustice — Part 6: Best Buddies With António

06/14 The ‘Fixer’ of António Campinos Taints G1/21 (ViCo Hearing)

06/14 IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 13, 2021

06/14 Links 14/6/2021: Kdenlive 21.04.2 and Raspberry Pi 400 Support in Linux

06/14 Links 14/6/2021: Linux 5.13 RC6, Psychonauts 2 for GNU/Linux

06/14 Today’s Linux Standing for the Opposite of What Linux Users Stand for

06/14 [Meme] There Are No Elections in Mafia-Type Regimes; It’s About Family and Friends…

06/14 Conveniently Conflating Vaccination With the Surveillance Business of IBM/Linux Foundation

06/14 [Meme] Microsoft Stooping Down Low in Search of Vapourware With a Superficial Version Bump

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