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● 06.14.21

●● Hardly Shocking and Not At All Surprising That Thugs Who Run the EPO Hired External Thugs to Help Them Oppress Aggrieved Staff

Posted in Europe, Finance, Patents at 5:18 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: With the EPO’s management flooding the bank accounts of aggressive law firms (at our expense) we need to ask serious questions about how such a “Mafia” (what EPO staff calls the management) managed to metastasise inside Europe’s second-largest institution and how to remove this “Mafia” as soon as possible (some arrests too are well overdue)

THE staff of the EPO can certainly expect workplace atmosphere to deteriorate. In 2015 when Benoît Battistelli and his goons hired several aggressive law firms (notoriously so, according to my lawyer) in order to SLAPP and bully me it became apparent that the EPO’s management is a “Mafia” not only inwards but also outwards. It’s a lunatic institution that takes its toll on its own staff and costs Europe billions of Euros (the above video explains why it’s actually all of us in Europe who pay the price for this thieving, self-serving “Mafia”). Battistelli actually took longer than António Campinos to recruit a legion of lawyers, enlisting a platoon of de facto thugs to go after his perceived ‘enemies’.


↺ Benoît Battistelli

↺ António Campinos

“The reputation of Europe (and the EU) is at stake here, not just the European economy.”The video goes through this hours-old article that I decided would be worth remarking on (separately, so as not to distract or detract from the original message).

this hours-old article

How many more lives need to be totally ruined before the “Mafia” is overthrown and maybe even held accountable (legally)? The reputation of Europe (and the EU) is at stake here, not just the European economy. █

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