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● 06.12.21

●● EU Already Captured by — and Lying for — Corrupt EPO Officials, Team UPC, and Lobbyists of Multinational Corporations

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 2:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: 12 pages of lies; is the European Parliament reduced to a mere marionette of corrupt officials who run the EPO into the ground?

THE EPO keeps gloating that its tyrants have done nothing wrong because Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos enjoy the ‘privilege’ of immunity, which means that their crimes won’t even be investigated. They say they’re totally separate from the EU and thus shouldn’t be subjected to oversight/scrutiny, but at the same time it’s perfectly clear that the EPO has a lot of control over the EU authorities. Voters should definitely care. Based on this new draft document [PDF] (in Microsoft’s proprietary format, albeit converted at the end to PDF), just weeks after Campinos was lying about UPC at JURI we see JURI carrying water for the UPC, for software patents, for EPO/EUIPO, Apple, BASF, and various front groups of Microsoft. This is rather crude and antidemocratic. It’s the kind of thing that inflames hostility towards the EU. It’s just the cherry on the cake that they’re using proprietary Microsoft formats; the much worse thing is, they’re actively lying about the UPC and they misuse COVID-19 as a cause for “urgency” (pushing for things that would make this health crisis even worse).


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“It’s truly appalling that officials at that level get their so-called ‘facts’ or ‘evidence’ from a cabal (or “Mafia” as EPO workers call it).”While it’s hard to tell what those politicians are on (other than high salary, maybe alcohol/narcotics too), it’s very clear that they don’t represent the interests of Europe. This is a siege, and having confronted judges on matters such as constitutionality, they clearly aren’t giving up. They’ll just carry on lying again and again.

The video above is long and it would be longer if finer details in the whole document were discussed. It’s truly appalling that officials at that level get their so-called ‘facts’ or ‘evidence’ from a cabal (or “Mafia” as EPO workers call it). Someone needs to call them out on it. Gross exploitation of COVID-19 to push illegal agenda and unlawful programmes is in some sense more dangerous than COVID-19 itself because once rights are lost they rarely come back. █

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