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TechRights /2021/06/06/


The Whole Month 2021/06

06/06 EPO G 1/21 Update: Fresh Allegations of Cronyism Against Campinos

06/06 Beware the Spin and False Pretenses as IBM and Google Are Dangerous to Software Freedom as Well

06/06 IRC Proceedings: Saturday, June 05, 2021

06/06 Links 6/6/2021: Visually Stunning Week in Tok and OpenPOWER SpiderMonkey JIT

06/06 Never Ever Let Those Who Expose Corruption Be Framed as ‘Public Enemies’

06/06 The New Generation of Vendor Lock-in, Even in ‘Open’ Clothing

06/06 An Explanation of IRC.Techrights.org (Our Self-Hosted IRC Network)

06/06 The Giftküche of Haar (Allegedly a Part of Munich, as the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal Refuses to Even Check)

06/06 Video: ‘Shoot the Messenger’ Tactics

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