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Latest Articles in Techrights

08/05 [Meme] Patents for Bots (the Other Kind of โ€˜Hey Hiโ€™ Patents)

08/05 The Patent Quality Song

08/05 Then They Censor Youโ€ฆ and Then You Win (Not Windows)

08/05 Firefox Cannot be Trusted at the Hands of Todayโ€™s Mozilla Management

08/05 EPO Bribing Scholars to Justify Software Patents, Then Using Narrow Surveys to Justify Unlawful Guidelines for Examiners (e.g. Software Patents as โ€˜Hey Hiโ€™)

08/05 IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, August 04, 2021

08/05 Links 5/8/2021: More AAA Games for GNU/Linux, Firefox Loses 50M Users in Two Years

08/04 GNU/Linux Users, Developers and Advocates Being Painted as Unruly and Rude by Corporate Media Looking to Undermine Software Freedom

08/04 Links 4/8/2021: More IBM Downtimes and Firefox Losing Many Users

08/04 Links 4/8/2021: Mesa 21.2 and Kaisen Linux Rolling 1.8

08/04 IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, August 03, 2021

08/04 Destroying Freenode Was Not the Objective, But Thatโ€™s Just What Happened

08/04 The Free Software Community Needs Solidarity and Stronger Resistance Against Corporate Oligopolies With Their Overlapping Interests

08/04 Links 4/8/2021: Audacity as Spyware and PCLinuxOS Updates

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