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Originally conceived in 2014, Slimvoice is a free app for generating PDF invoices, mailing them to clients, and keeping track of payments. It was created to scratch our own itch doing freelance design and programming work, as many alternative services are either expensive, too complex, or both.


While it is completely free to use Slimvoice, if you connect your Stripe account and accept card payments from your clients, we collect a 1% processing fee, which is how we fund maintenance and development.


Slimvoice has gone through multiple visual iterations over the years, followed by subsequent code rewrites. Following web development trends to build a reputation and impress potential employers was a heavy motivator in the early days. The first version was written in Angular with a Node.js and MongoDB backend. In 2015 the second version was released, rebuilding the frontend in React.


By 2018 we had grown weary of the web's insanity and decided to dig deeper. In addition to tightening up the visual design, we wanted to rethink how the whole thing was constructed, simplifying and reducing wherever possible; rejecting the hype that we had been previously chasing. This new version is built in Go with all interfaces rendered on the server and the database was migrated to Postgres. An absolute minimum of JavaScript is used on the site.

The build stack is simple. It's easy to maintain. Compile speeds are quick. It works well on low-end devices. It's snappy, and the low-end server CPU usage consistently stays below 1%.


As we mold our software tools to be ever more minimal, the more productive we become and the happier we feel. We are thinking about future design possibilities for Slimvoice that embrace this idea even more. Privacy and users' ownership of data will be weighted heavily in our decisions about the future.

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