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This is our first year farming. We thought it would be beneficial to publish the outcomes of what can be measured on paper, for both our own month-to-month and year-to-year comparison, as well as for others curious about what goes into producing food. As we learn what data is most valuable, we hope to build tools and processes that ease its collection and understanding.

We do not track the time that goes into farming for a few reasons:

learning never stops

the cost-to-benefit ratio of tediously tracking every hour does not seem worthwhile to us when we can give general statements about our time investments

living a slower lifestyle, one in which hard bounds around time and deadlines are meaningless, is a major goal of this project


We have two growing locations. Our urban location is partially shaded by tall pine trees and landscaping imposes restrictions on bed layout, thus the meager bed area.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7B
Area: 1772 ft² = 0.04 acre

Our second location is a leased rural plot. It is flat and open with no sunlight obstructions.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6B
Area: 6375 ft² = 0.15 acre


The following is a running list of direct agriculture-related expenses for the year, not including mileage driven or other business administrative costs.

Education               $225.00
Equipment               $601.96
Materials               $589.21
Packaging               $126.54
Seeds                   $188.03
Soil Test                $10.00
Total                  $1740.74

Monthly reports


June was our first full month of income. Growing and harvesting produce turns out, we feel, to be the easy part; selling it is the hard part. Many of our customers are going on vacation for a week or two, which is a direct hit to our income. We have excess produce, for which we are struggling to find buyers. In the meantime, we're preserving and freezing to save for winter.


Urban              109.1 pounds
arugula                     4.0
radish                     11.0
mustard greens              2.5
lettuce                   13.25
kale                      15.25
oregano                     1.0
beet                      27.75
chard                      10.5
cilantro                    0.5
zucchini                    7.6
sorrel                      3.8
patty pan                  9.75
carrot                      0.7
cucumber                    1.5

Rural              89.75 pounds
radish                     16.0
zucchini                  44.75
patty pan                  28.0
bush bean                   1.0


Weekly CSA Customers          9
Produce Sales           $622.00
Delivery Services        $20.00
Total Revenue           $642.00


Our spring produce, which we planted only at our urban location, finally became ready for harvest.

We didn't want to bite off more than we could chew on our first attempt at farming and we believe that the land under our care is managable for two people. We still have time to work on other projects and take care of clients. It is a good feeling to make your first sale for produce that has been five months in the making.


Urban               42.0 pounds
radish                     16.0
arugula                    10.0
oregano                     1.0
mustard greens              6.0
lettuce                     7.0
cilantro                    0.5
green onion                 1.5

Rural                  0 pounds


Weekly CSA Customers          8
Produce Sales           $300.00
Delivery Services         $5.00
Total Revenue           $305.00

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