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Harptabs Gemini mirror

This site serves harmonica tabs scraped from an archive of harptabs.com

A SQLite3 database of the songs is available for download, as is a zip

file containing both the individual songs (in gemtext and json format)

and a single json file containing all songs.

🔎 Search by title/author (actually fulltext search)

📑 Lists of songs by genre

💾 Download song database

🗜️ Download songs zip


2021-06-01: Performance has been improved, CGI errors should cease


I'm not sure how to get gemserv to send the sqlite db properly, so db download might not work great.

Currently a CGI script is simply using cat to spit out the file. Please let me know if anyone is aware of a better solution.

If you have any feedback you can contact me via email:


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