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love for c(a|d)+r

Published: 2020-11-15

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I had this piece of data

(("12345" (("Content-Disposition" "form-data" (("name" . "code"))))))

and I wanted to extract the cons with “name” and “code”. Armed with my ‘a’s and ‘d’s I wrote (interactively, one letter at a time)

(caaddr (caadar thing))

then I though “two function call is too much”

(caaddaadar thing)

but ‘caaddaadar’ doesn’t exists.

Life sucks even more now.


P.S.: yeah, I was trying to extract data from the output of rfc2388:parse-mime.

P.P.S.: yeah, I was trying to extract the wrong thing: “code” is the input name and “12345” is the value.

P.P.P.S.: yup, eventually I replaced that with trivia (pattern matching.)

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