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Hello gemini!

Published: 2020-10-02

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I've finally decided to invest some time and mess aronud with gemini!

This post is just an "hello world gemini", to announce that, from now on, this blog will be available also with the gemini protocol.

Project Gemini Website

I thought for a while on how to make the content available on both HTTP and gemini. Automatically translating markdown (what I used until now) to gemtext is NOT something I want to do, I want pretty first-class gemtext posts, not a best-effort automatic translation.

So I settle on using gemtext for all the new content. I'll miss some in-line formatting, but the result shouldn't be too bad. I've started to migrate some old content to gemtext too, but not everything is currently available, it'll take some time.

In order to make this blog both gemini and WWW native, I needed to do other things as well. I'm planning to write some more posts in the future on what I did, but the short version was to write a parser in Clojure for gemtext and a small test gemini server to play. Fortunately someone had already written a major mode for editing gemtext with Emacs.


I'm happy with the end results. In particular, using gemtext for the new content will also mean that, in the future, expanding the site to gopher will be easier.

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