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WebPKG is a web-interface for the OpenBSD ports collection. It features a full-text search across package names, comment, description and mantainer field, as well as a presentation page for the packages.


Source code

GitHub mirror

On the technical side, WebPKG is a CGI script written in C that uses sqlports, an sqlite database with the data about all the ports. It was written by leveraging kcgi and sqlbox, so the resulting code base is very short.

KCGI – minimal CGI and FastCGI library for C/C++

sqlbox – secure database access library


Requires the two mentioned libraries (kcgi and sqlbox) installed, then a simple

$ make

will build everything, as pkg-config is used to obtain the correct CFLAGS/LDFLAGS.

You may need to point the SQLPORTS variable to the sqlports database.

By default

$ make install

will used doas to install the files inside /var/www/

-- text: CC0 1.0; code: public domain (unless specified otherwise). No copyright here.

For comments, write at < blog at omarpolo dot com > or @op@bsd.network in the fediverse.

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