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gmid is a fast, small, and secure Gemini server. It uses libtls (a GREAT tls library from the OpenBSD folks) to serve static content and execute CGI scripts.

source code

GitHub mirror

You can fetch the code with git:

> git clone https://git.omarpolo.com/gmid

or via the github mirror:

> git clone https://github.com/omar-polo/gmid

The manpage is available at



(random order)

reconfiguration: reload the running configuration without


sandboxed by default on OpenBSD, Linux and FreeBSD

automatic redirect/error pages (see `block return`)

IRI support (RFC3987)

punycode support

dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6)

automatic certificate generation for config-less mode

CGI scripts

low memory footprint

event-based asynchronous I/O model

small codebase, easily hackable

virtual hosts

per-location rules

optional directory listings

configurable mime types

chroot support

Future plans

This is mostly a TODO/wish list of things, just to get an idea of what I'm gonna do (and to remind to myself too).

per-server (or even per-path?) logging

different logging styles

listen only on specific IPs

customize error messages

-- text: CC-BY-SA-4.0; code: MIT (unless specified otherwise)

For comments, write at < blog at omarpolo dot com >

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