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Welcome to my gemlog! Sometimes I remember that I have a blog and post something here. My main interests are computer science, operating systems (BSDs in particular), programming languages (especially C, Go, LISP in its various incarnations). I also have an Italian capsule where I write about more casual stuff:

l'angolo di yumh

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Recent posts

2021-08-21 - Extracting files from zips

> meet zlib

Written while listening to “Square one” by Coldplay.

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2021-08-19 - Inspecting zip files

> Look ma, without libraries!

Written while listening to “Twisted Logic” by Coldplay.

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2021-08-06 - Writing a simple Emacs major-mode

> About DSLs and custom major-modes

Written while listening to “New Millennium” by Dream Theater.

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2021-08-01 - Talking ’bout 9P: open and walk

> The mindblowing Twalk

Written while listening to “The Riddler” by Nightwish.

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2021-07-31 - Talking ’bout 9P: intro

> Getting to know 9P

Written while listening to “The Pharaoh Sails to Orion” by Nightwish.

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2021-07-26 - The current state of theme switching

> A cry for help.

Written while listening to “Gethsemane” by Nightwish.

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