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smolZINE - Issue 4


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Table of Contents


Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems


Word Search


Urgent meatspace matters are getting in the way of smolZINE prep this time around. Apologies if this issue is a bit more brief than usual. I think it will still be fun anyways :).

Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems


This is Alex Schroeder's gemini based wiki. The Transjovian Council is open to anyone on geminispace. Just contact Alex if you have a subject area that you think deserves it's own wiki and they will get some wiki space setup for you.

Another service Alex provides is the wikipedia proxy that is available at vault.transjovian.org. I have been using this as a way to link to wikipedia pages in my posts so readers don't have to leave gemini. Very handy!

The Transjovian Council

Wikipedia Proxy


Something I have enjoyed seeing is the emergence of gemcasts. Audio shows or journals in the vein of a "podcast" but released on gemini. I hope to see some more in the future. Trendy Talk is a fun listen to ChrisWere, Uoou and HexDSL just chatting about their interests with some occasional gemini talk. Gemini Radio is a more gemini focused gemcast in which Ben talks about various gemini related topics and sometimes subjects related to current events.

Trendy Talk

Gemini Radio



by kelbot

Those close to me think I never get stressed. This of course is not entirely true. I don't let many things stress me out and I'm pretty good at continuing to function well even through stress. I think this sometimes tricks me into believing that I don't get stressed. I do get stressed and it sometimes manifests itself in more subtle ways.

What are your strategies for counteracting stress? Forcing myself to slow down and enjoy some of my favorite little things is one way I achieve moving that needle away from the redline. Such as going for a bike ride or sitting outside with my favorite beverage on a beautiful evening. This is hard to do when something is weighing heavy on your mind and not always completely effective. Perhaps taking a moment to acknowledge your stress and consider strategies for reducing is already a nudge in the right direction.


by Jone

Source Material: The trashman, by lel


l a g l w t f x b l o d f l k q x k
q m g l o v e s y r p o e g y l s u
s i j d z t n j h h e x z u v u m p
h a z m a t t t s e r w s c a n a j
i m n s t z r p f l o e p n y l s j
f k o u m m a s k m x o p o z y h n
t y c i o y s o m e i d s n h m i l
z j u t l x h q i t d o c s k s n e
o p e n e r b m n q e l r e z h g a
w s x j i s a l i v a c e n c r y j
y e l l e d g q l b n h a s m i s y
j t q d a z k c o s t u m e p e o x
i g b o t t l e s x c u i v z k u t
n z t m b j b x j j j l n g b i u s
u y h p d o o r b f b d g j w n i d
q z m v y y k s o t j y m g s z v t




















Word Search Solution

Community Contributions

Please consider taking part in making this zine better and more diverse by contributing your thoughts and finds. If you are interested in contributing a short article or capsule picks email me at: smolzine (at) cyberbot.space.


Thank you to fellow geminaut Jone for their contributions to this issue of smolZINE.

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