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smolZINE - Issue 2


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Table of Contents


Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems


Word Search


For the second issue of smolZINE we've got a couple new community contributions. This issue is also coming rather hot on the heels of the first issue because I was just excited to get this going and released issue 1 without much planning as to a release schedule. After some consideration, once a month feels too infrequent. Weekly feels like too much work. Therefore, going forward smolZINE will release on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Enjoy this enthusiasm-induced "special edition" before we get into a regular release schedule.

Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems


I was very excited when I discovered that Juan Martinez had a gemini capsule. Juan is the creator of some excellent homebrew games for 8-bit computer and gaming systems and those games are available on gemini on his capsule. He is also the developer of the SpaceBeans gemini server and has a very nice personal gemlog. Definitely a must check out capsule.

Capsule at usebox.net


Creative fantasy short fiction written in the style of journal entries. You will also find more word searches like the one included in this issue of smolZINE.


Gluon Space

Gluon's capsule has a nice mostly tech focused gemlog as well as some services made available over gemini. The weather service provides conditions and forecasts for whatever location you input. There is also a dictionary service.

Gluon Space


Not just about games

An excerpt from the article "Gaming Memories", by FiXato

Gaming Memories

But those memories aren't just about the games themselves. It's everything around it. Being fortunate enough to be able to afford the consoles and games, getting the random games and accessories as presents, having parents who saw the positive sides of video games (feeding an interest in the gaming- and computer-industries, improving hand-eye coordination, stimulating the social aspect by playing games with/against friends) and having a mother who was a wonderful gamer herself.

The best memory of it all

I guess that is the best memory of it all for me; playing those games with and/or against my mother while she was still alive. I still miss those gaming sessions…​ She was quite a games fan and together we played many games on MSX2, Game Boy, SNES and N64. Mostly puzzle games such as Tetris, but also a lot of RPGs. Heck, she even got further into some RPGs than I did! If I recall correctly, she did beat Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, while I still haven't.

She was one of my best gaming buddies and it's those memories I will cherish forever. Building a city together in Sim City, trying to beat each other's times in Super Mario Kart, exploring the castle and finding all the stars in Super Mario 64, working out the puzzles together in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, visiting MSX fairs (I'll save my MSX-related memories for another post) and just spending time together.

So…​ What are your favourite memories? Are they related to specific games, or gaming in general?


by joneworlds

Source Material: The scary part of town, by littlejohn at midnight pub



 a w r d a p l o f n h a p v q m j q d
 v t t z t o m b s t o n e s e z a g p
 v s n q v a o b s s g t k w x a e s l
 q u i c k l i m e i u x l h l a v c k
 t h e w p z s b n d y u r g s p h l r
 r p a v e m e n t p s h h s c a a a g
 e j s e a d w k k l i u o g a r l t z
 m y x h w y j n s a u g k v r t z t u
 b h b f o p p z j g p z b f e m z e o
 l t n e i g h b o u r h o o d e m r i
 e c v g m t u b i e e j d p p n a i w
 s l u m z r n h b s h y i r k t f n d
 b a n d l c d h w o u f e j k m r g j
 y w e k v c r i u r t s s m d e a d t
 n i t s t r e e t c a r s g n v i f n
 p n m g i m d i s t u r b s d h d a x
 q g j u c z u e q w p q f j k e a g g
 h p o z k p z e x p e n s i v e m o q
 n l w p e g a j k u n d e r n e a t h





















Word Search Solution

Community Contributions

Please consider taking part in making this zine better and more diverse by contributing your thoughts and finds. If you are interested in contributing a short article or capsule picks email me at: smolzine (at) cyberbot.space.


Thank you to fellow geminauts FiXato and Joneworlds for their contributions to this issue of smolZINE.

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