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Sario's gemlog

Sometimes I have thoughts

This page will hold links to my various gemlogs


2021-07-20 My short thoughts gemlog

2021-07-23 New job?

2021-07-01 Re: Small request to Geminauts

2020-12-28 SciFi author/book recommendations

2020-12-18 Gemini client list and reviews

2020-12-06 Feed

2020-07-28 Horrors of the big web (hosted on gemlog.blue)

2020-07-21 Writer's block (hosted on gemlog.blue)

2020-07-18 Email (hosted on gemlog.blue)

2020-07-16 Weather and phone usage (hosted on gemlog.blue)

2020-07-15 Computer names (hosted on gemlog.blue)

2020-07-14 My first gemlog (hosted on gemlog.blue)

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